Welcome to Check Out Staging

Check Out Staging is a critical part of the We Are Volume DSP Model (Development, Staging and Production). This model is essential for providing the checks and balances necessary for running a high-availability production server environment efficiently.

About Check Out Staging

To put it simply, a staging site is a clone of your live website. It enables you to test any changes or major new features that you plan to implement in a secure environment.

The staging website acts as the bridge between the development and live versions of your site. If you are running a project with us we will set up a subdomain that is specific & private to your project, including a development site.

Why a Staging environment

There are many reasons but these are some of our favorites:

  • Provide you with the opportunity to catch errors and bugs without putting your production site at risk
  • Keeps issues that happen during live development from keeping you from testing fuctionality

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